Friday, 9 January 2015

2015: the year of light !

Happy new year to everybody!  This year is a quite special one: The international year of light. Indeed 200 years ago Fresnel was saying that light is a wave, 150 years ago Maxwell came up with its fundamental equations, 100 years ago Einstein described the universe with the general theory of relativity and 50 years ago, among others, Charles Kao understood that optical fibres could have much lower attenuation than previously thought.
With this spirit I hope this year the field of Hollow Core Optical Fibres may produce major advances as in the previous year 2014. I remember here a non-comprehensive list of only 6 relevant works from different research groups that came out in 2014. I apologize in
advance for all other several authors and important works that are not in this limited list.

January 2014: N. Wheeler et al. told us that you can make a hollow core fibre with low bending loss in the mid-infrared (based on the photonic bandgap effect) : “"Low-loss and low-bend-sensitivity mid-infrared guidance in a hollow-core–photonic-bandgap fiber," Opt. Lett. 39, 295-298 (2014).
April 2014: I sad that also hollow core fibres based on antiresonance can have very low bending loss: “Hollow antiresonant fibers with low bending loss”, Opt. Express 22, 10091-10096 (2014).
April 2014: I sad that hollow core fibres based on multiple  antiresonant elements  can have very low attenuation: “Hollow antiresonant fibers with reduced attenuation”, Opt. Letters 39, 1853-1856 (2014).
June 2014: F. Gebert et al. remind us that hollow core fibre are of great use in the deep ultraviolet spectral domain:  "Damage-free single-mode transmission of deep-UV light in hollow-core PCF," Opt. Express 22, 15388-15396 (2014).
October 2014:  V. S. Shiryaev et al tell us that it should be possible to fabricate hollow antiresonant fibers with a reasonable good structure even in chalcogenide glass: “Development of technique for preparation of As2S3 glass preforms for hollow core microstructured optical fibers”, J. Opt. Adv. Materials 16, 1020-1025 (2014).
November 2014: B. Debord et al. tell us that we can greatly reduce the attenuation of hollow core fibres in the visible domain: "Ultra low-loss hypocycloid-core Kagome hollow-core photonic crystal fiber for green spectral-range applications," Opt. Lett. 39, 6245-6248 (2014).

Don’t hesitate to suggest me another paper in the field that you really like. I would really appreciate it. Write me to